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56 Pages
Hardback/ white cloth bound
Includes dust jacket & clear cover
13 X 9.5”

Printed and bound in New York

Published by Joanna Yi
ISBN 978-1-5323-8945-0

/100 Copies


"The Open" is about self soul discovery of being able to be open to your true self and soul. Believing that if we trust to be open to our true essence, we are all pure love and light with less pain and suffering. We are all love.

Design, edits,& garments by Joanna Yi

Images by Nadia Sarwar

Image production by Jessica Wu

Styling by Peter Do

Model Xiao Yun Liang & Yumi Chon

Hair by Yuhei Nerome & Hideaki Suzuki

Make up by Alexandra Bagsic & Misanthropist Kanbe


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